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5 ways to help children with sensitive skin

As a mumma to two girls with sensitive skin, Emilia and Adelyn, I have been researching into the causes of flareups like eczema. It really breaks my heart when a flareup occurs and the itch and skin is so irritating for Emilia and Adelyn. Emilia developed her own way of easing the itch from her back, by rubbing her clothes against the flareup to ease the itch. But then continually applying friction to the affected area caused her to itch more, it ended up being a vicious cycle, leaving her uncomfortable and irritated.

So I have been on a journey to remove toxins from our home to reduce the exposure for my two little girls. Here are the 5 things that have helped Emilia and Adelyn with their sensitive skin:

1. Switched to soap free body wash

I found that the baby soap washes often left Emilia and Adelyn’s skin to be dry. So I switched to a soap free body wash, and during winter when their skin was often more dry I would add a few drops of bath oil to their bath to help soothe their skin.

2. Switched to water wipes or re-usable cloths

Many baby wipes I found contain fragrance and other nasties that would aggravate Emilia or Adelyn’s skin so using water wipes or re-usable cloths with water instead. When the girls were newborn, I used 100% cotton buds with water for their nappy changes.

3. Moisturise when their skin is dry

When Emilia and Adelyn’s skin got really dry they would get irritated and scratch their skin. So applying moisturiser helped to manage their sensitive skin.

 4. Switched to chemical free products

Apart from reducing the toxins from our home by switching to chemical free cleaning products it means that Emilia and Adelyn are free to come into contact with the cleaned areas safely. Another bonus is that you don’t have a strong chemical smell that you breathe in when cleaning J

 5. Switched to clothing made of natural, organic materials

This allows Emilia and Adelyn’s skin to breathe better and reduces the exposure to toxins for their sensitive skin. I love that organic materials such as organic cotton is super soft and doesn’t ball up in the wash. Organic cotton is better for the planet too 😀

Adelyn Organic Short Sleeve Body Suit

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