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Our Story

Hi, I’m Wendy Cam – Author, Certified Mindset coach, qualified finance professional, wife and mother of three children. I’m located in Melbourne, Australia. 

I wasn’t always an author. I grew up the eldest of three children in a Chinese/Vietnamese family in the suburbs of Melbourne. While it was a loving household, it was underpinned by high expectations and responsibilities.

As is the case with anyone who doesn’t 100% align with the Aussie stereotype, I was also a target for bullying – be it my ethnicity, weight or even my academic achievements. This experience made me shrink into a shy, introverted child with a desperate need for external validation.

Once I found my tribe in year 11, I started to break out of my shell and rebel from my reserved and compliant nature. My university years felt like a revolving door of work, study and partying - FOMO was real as I exhausted myself trying to fit in and measure up.

My first rung on the corporate ladder was in the role of an accountant. I believed that career progression was linear, so I diligently secured my CPA qualification. This kindled my addiction to career advancement – fuelled by the Eastern mindset that my success can be printed on a business card. But as I reached each milestone, the highs of climbing the corporate ladder started to fade.

Until another spark lit up my world – the birth of my three daughters in 2016, 2018 and 2023. But the larger my job title, the less I could give to my young family. In fact, I had been so concerned with external validation, I was hurtling towards burnout.

The 2020 pandemic forced me to take time to reflect on my values. I realised it was time to do something just for me. I decided to invest in myself and master fundamental life skills like how to be a better partner, parent and version of myself.

This was when I began researching a medium where I could turbo-charge my personal development, so that I could extract the most out of life, be a positive role model for my kids and better serve others.

It was while I was studying my Masters Practitioner of Coaching course, that I recognised the key to capitalising on life was being in charge of my mindset. The tools and techniques I learned on my coaching journey have been life changing and I soon realised I could apply my coaching skills to impact professional clients so they, too, could achieve the results I have had in my life.

 I saw firsthand the impact my coaching made on my clients, moving them from stuck to thriving. Their positive energy created a ripple effect, and they started having calmer conversations with their partner, deeper connections with their children and more vibrant interactions with their family and friends. I thought these common life skills, tools and frameworks that helped people achieve their goals, harness their emotional intelligence and overcome challenges could work with my own children and, over time, as I shared my expertise with them, I saw a vast improvement in how they were able to overcome challenges and manage their emotions.

This was when I had a lightbulb moment, because these are the life skills, I wish I had known when I was a child.  So, I was inspired to create my first book and to share these life lessons with young children.

I’m now on a mission to empower as many children’s lives as possible, one picture book at a time.

This could not be possible without the support of you, lovely readers. Thank you for supporting small businesses and touching the life of others through the power of story.



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