Organic swaddle bundle

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You can never just have one of anything, when your joey is tiny. Sure enough, you'll be down to your last onesie and wrap, and they'll spit-up, right at sleepy time.

Swaddling, replicates the warm, secure surrounds of mama's pouch, helping baby to sleep sounder, for longer. Leave yourself short a swaddle, and you can abandon all hope of a decent stretch of you-time that day. Pop our discounted Joey Bundle in your cart, and save yourself money, and hassle.

The best part about our swaddles, besides their dreamy-soft feel, and certified-organic cotton fabric, and Fairtrade construction, and, well, everything else awesome about them - is that they're large enough for use as a flat sheet or blanket, when bub starts to cruise around the crib.

RRP $71.00